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Light Crane

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It is a light profile crane with load carrying capacity up to 2 ton. A cost efficient solution for lifting at a work assembly area. A very smooth travel & operation as compared to other cranes which indirectly eases the work of operator. It reduces the physical effort of operator.

The system is welding free & can be re assembled any time anywhere easily, it can also be expanded as per future purpose. Our system stands on a self standing structure or on a ceiling support as per the safe working. The long travel & cross travel is manual, with a very smooth trolleys which can be pulled by one hand with load. The crane is maintenance free & can be installed quickly.

Our Light crane easily works with chain hoist of any make which makes our crane easily adoptable. Buying our crane is none other than saving time, money, manpower, maintenance cost, electricity etc. One more plus point of our crane is that it works indoor, outdoor and in any environment.

Our cranes are painted with high quality epoxy paints which gives high degree of corrosion resistance & durability which makes the Silverline Light Crane system a worthy investment for years.