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1. Crane Design/ Crane Manufacturing:

Silverline has in house facility of crane designing. We have qualified engineers working of optimisation of crane girder design. We have facility for calculating deflection & stress analysis if the customer demands. We are also capable of manufacture girder for you. Our capacity at Sharjah is enough to make any girder up to 40 mtr long and 15 tonnes single pc.

We have past 12 yrs experience in manufacturing of girder for all reputed crane manufacturer.We can manufacture girder for any structural applications like bridges or supports etc.

2. Crane Maintenance:

Silverline is in to the maintenance of all type of cranes & its components, our service is available on a call basis or the "AMC" i.e Annual Maintenance Contract which helps your crane to have a easy & hassle free operation.

Silverline have a team of highly skilled technicians who have a experience of more than 15 years in crane industry which makes our team strong than others.

Silverline service includes :

  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Contract

3. Crane Installation:

The main thing after purchasing the crane is to install it properly & safely. Silverline are the most experienced & expert in installation & erection of all material handling equipments.

Silverline’s first moto is safety then is the efficiency due to which Silverline make your crane fully operational in short time, then is professionally Silverline have solution for all the problems and the last is innovation where Silverline R & D team gives the solution due to which your crane starts working in shortest time with lowest installation cost.